2 email dari Khansa yang membuat saya terharu dan bangga menjadi seorang ibu

Email pertama:

Mom you are a shining star though the world doesn't know your name.
You have no fancy title like Baroness or Dame.
Mom you really are a star, my mother mentor and friend.
A Nobel Prize for motherhood is what I'd recommend.
And if I won the lottery I'd share my win with you
I'd take you Mom on a spending spree each day the whole year through!
You may not be famous, as your face is known to few.
But Mom I think you are wonderful and I'm so proud of you!

Mum, you're very precious
Solid platinum
It's no wonder that I love you
To the maxi-Mum

mum thanks 4 everything

Email kedua:

just for my mum

Mommy you are sweet
Mommy you are nice
Don't ever leave me
Cause you make the best rice!!!!

Mum your the best,
And I owe you the rest,
I make some mess,
And you make it less,

Mum I love you,
And so do you,
So I'll make you happy,
And you'll feel merry.

thanks 4 everything mom ur da best cuz u r

i send this just bcuz i wanna say

thanks 4 everythin'
u gave me
from ur coolest daughter


eka wijayanti said…
Khanza, kamu manis sekali, Nak... :)
nurani said…
bagus Bu!

yg kedua yg pakai rhyme lucuuu..
you make the best rice, make the mess less hehehe...
kayaknya kirana akan bilang yg sama deh hahaha.

well done khansa!

btw, link youtube di-blok juga Bu?
(kl channel 4 memang cm bs dilihat di UK)
fifie said…
so sweet khansa. Anaknya siapa dulu dong :)
duh...Khanza pinter banget turunan ibunya ya? salam buat Khanza & saudaranya.
riana said…
wow...khansa, you're amazing....!

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